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Beyond the bar: Meet the Rat and Parrot Team

For many of Grahamstown’s students and permanent residents alike, The Rat and Parrot is simply one of the towns more successful watering holes. The sheer amount of time spent within the Rat’s walls by many Grahamstown dwellers attests to the pub’s reputation for good food and drink. Yet for most patrons, their appreciation for the institution goes only so far as the glass they receive their drink in and the plate on which their food arrives. Many customers do not give a second thought to the process involved in producing the food they eat, nor the beverages they consume. Join us as we take a journey to meet the kitchen staff of the Rat and Parrot, and see the faces who are responsible for meeting the dietary needs of customers.

(All photos by Aviva Lerer)

Babalwa Mpande, Supervisor. As a supervisor, it is Babalwa’s main duty to oversee the kitchen’s running and make sure that all runs smoothly. Babalwa has a twin sister, Bulelwa, who also works at the Rat and Parrot.
Nandi Kepe, Supervisor. As a supervisor, it is Nandi’s main duty to oversee the kitchen’s running and make sure that all runs smoothly. Nandi is a mother to three children.
Bulelwa Mpanda, Supervisor. As a supervisor, it is Bulelwa’s main duty to oversee the kitchen’s running and make sure that all runs smoothly. Bulelwa is the twin sister of Babalwa, who is also a Supervisor at the Rat and Parrot. 
Honey Pama, Pizza Kitchen Assistant. Although her real name is Bulelwa, most people know her as Honey – a nickname she earned as a child.
Pam Mpande, Salad Kitchen Assistant. Pam, or Mama Pam as most know her, was the founding face behind Mama Pam’s Wors Rolls, a popular culinary experience among students.
Lilian Nkonts, Grill Assistant. Lilian likes keeping a tough facade around the kitchen, “to make sure the waiters don’t fool around.”
Nokubonga Thandani, General Assistant. Nokubonga is the daughter of Mama Pam, and spent many evenings helping her mother serve boerewors rolls to students outside the Rat and Parrot.
Jennifer Koliti, Grill Assistant. Jennifer is the Rat and Parrot’s shortest staff member, standing tall at only 4″95m.
Siphokazi Konono, Pizza and Grill and Assistant. Siphokazi is one of seven children, and has a large extended family as well.
Xoliswa Klaas, Pizza Assistant. Xoliswa recently got married to her long-term boyfriend of over 20 years.
Ziyanda Magongo, Pizza Assistant. Ziyanda is known throughout the Rat and Parrot family for her loud laugh, bright lipstick and her tendency to wear a different earring in each ear.
Lolly Stuurman, Salad Assistant. Lolly is one half of a twin, and has twin sisters as well.
Thozama Kuweti, Pizza Assistant. Thozama is proud to be one of the Rat and Parrot’s most mischievous staff members and attempts to wrecks havoc wherever she can.



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