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Yom Kippur 2.0: Lessons learned.

So Yom Kippur has come and gone. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t the easiest of days. The fast itself wasn’t too bad, although can a 25-hour fast ever be ‘good’ by any standards? The process of reflection and of taking stock of what is going on in my life has been difficult, and the experience of opening oneself up emotionally to the meaning of the day can be draining and hard in general. This being said, this was one of the most meaningful Yom Kippur’s I have experienced to date.

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The ‘What’s’ of Judaism

I often get bombarded with questions from friends, acquaintances and strangers alike on various aspects of my religion. In this blog post, I will begin exploring the various facets to Judaism, focusing specifically on the ‘what’s’. 

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Jewish resource. Jewish resources everywhere.

Being a Jew in a secular world is difficult; for many Jews, their religion is an important factor in their lives and I often personally feel as if a spotlight is waiting around every corner to highlight this particular part of my being. Trying to hold onto Orthodox practices in a secular world is even harder, for in many instances doing so further highlights one’s differences from those around them. Every single habit, practice and preference I hold onto seems to invite further strings of looks, questions and remarks from those around me, and while I generally enjoy the opportunity to educate others, I often just wish that people were more knowledgeable about each other’s practices.

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